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Paramjeet chhabra

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  • I am Simple and art lover ... from my childhood..

    i am working as a successful IT software engineer and i am happy with that .. 

    but my love for art is my life thts y i express my feeling,emotions with my art... 

    There’s a part of me that believes art to be a primordial aspect of the human condition. Art inspires, art is a way of achieving greatness, of building a better world. Art turns strangers into friends. Without art, without artists, we wouldn’t be ourselves anymore.

    Messsage for all :-

    Dreams are not just meant to see and forget , they are made to fulfill and achieve

    Life is really simple we insist on making it complicated :) 

  • "Art made us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.." for some people art may waste of time but for me its my life , passion, love and happiness...

    Money can't buy happiness but it can buy craft supplies... :)