WIB Agent


Wondering what WiBAZON is??

WomenInBusiness (WiB) is looking for aspirants who can help us with our search for home-based women entrepreneurs who want to sell their products on AMAZON.

So WiB and Amazon together create WiBAZON and you can be the lucky one !!!

What you have to do?

As a WiBAZON, your responsibilities include:

  • Identify the entrepreneurs in your area of location, who want to sell their products on Amazon through WiB. It’s purely on credit basis. As of now, we are not accepting eatables and soaps.
  • Conduct a quality check of the product on our behalf and ensure that the product is suitable for online selling.
  • Share the sample product with us (either in the form of a picture or the product itself, if possible)
  • Complete the registration and payment process (this will include sharing the agreement with the entrepreneur as well)
  • Assist us to list the products online by providing the detailed description, professional HD product images, price details etc. after having the details from the entrepreneur
  • Send the products to Amazon FBA centre or WiB office, whichever is convenient for you.

Exciting Rewards Await You

  • An excellent opportunity to earn as per your convenience
  • In monetary terms, you will be given Rs. 500/- for every closure you make. The more you connect to women entrepreneurs, the more you earn.
  • And of course, you achieve a sense of achievement for doing something for your society
  • You get a chance to work for women empowerment. Isn’t this wonderful?

What you require?

We are not looking for highly educated professionals but yes, we are looking for enthusiasts and spirited professionals who have the passion and zeal to discover women entrepreneurs looking to start a small business from home.

Be a part of WiBAZON and help us to achieve our goal of making our moms and housewives successful entrepreneurs from home!!! Connect with us at 9319615050 or send your application at encourage@womeninbusiness.in