WIB FAQs For Sellers/Women Entrepreneurs

The first of its kind online portal exclusively designed for women from different parts of India to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations. It is a platform where creatively inclined women of our country can use it as a launch pad for realizing their dream of becoming home-based entrepreneurs. We are touching the life of millennial and the number is expanding to neighboring countries and abroad.
There are many skillful women who are experts not only on their regular household works but also in other creative or craft works which are generally considered as their hobbies or pastime activities. In many cases, these creative aspects of our women remain hidden within themselves or within the four walls of their home. The basic objective of Women in Business is to bring these women out in the forefront as aspiring entrepreneurs where they get a chance to display their handmade products and earn money for themselves and family.
Women in Business encourages aspiring women entrepreneurs with creative and artistic talent to start their business from home. It provides knowledge, ecosystem, mentoring, skill training, developing micro skills in women to ignite the value of entrepreneurship, including financial support to women entrepreneurs to help them.

It provides both offline (pop-up stores, workshops, corporate events, exhibitions) and online (Amazon.in, womeninbusiness.in etc.) marketplaces to sell their handmade goods to a wider audience all across the country.

Creating YOUR own brand identity means Women In Business.
  • Click on “Registration” tab on the home page
  • Register as Product Seller or Service Seller
  • Click on Basic Plan or Become a Life Time Member
  • Complete the registration page
  • Verify your email address
  • Add your product details, specifications, high quality images etc.

Women in Business is a freemium platform with services which include marketing, branding, promotion, sales support, corporate exposure, setting up pop stores etc.

Extended services offered to women entrepreneurs includes :-

  • Mentorship
  • Skill Development & Training
  • Financial Support
  • Sales Support
  • Brand Identity
  • Micro skills development
  • Corporate Exposure
  • Listing on Ecommerce platforms
  • Your handmade Products or Services are displayed on top of our website, thereby you get more visibility
  • You get buyer leads through us
  • More brand recognition
  • Brand Promotion on Social Media
  • Corporate Exposure
  • Marketing and Selling
  • We open small mom and pop up stores for you with least of investment.
  • Not only that, at every stage, you will be provided with mentoring and all kinds of support as and when required.

  • All members of Women In Business get their handmade products sold on the country’s largest Ecommerce Platforms
  • Women entrepreneurs get more customers from all across the country
  • More sales as a result of more customers, and hence more earnings
  • All hassles of marketing, selling and promotion will be taken care of by the team
  • Entrepreneurs do not have to worry about inventory management
  • Packaging, Shipment and Delivery are taken care of by our team
  • You Save Time and Cost on Amazon portal management

  • Women entrepreneurs deliver their handmade goods at Women In Business's Office
  • All minute details like as inventory management, packaging, promotion, delivery of products are taken care of by Women in Business Team
  • Once an order is placed by a customer on Amazon.in, we will deliver the product to the customer
  • Money will be transferred to the entrepreneur within 7 working days

Once you become a registered member of Women in Business, all promotional and marketing will be handled by our team to create your brand identity. Besides social media marketing promotions, we also offer offline promotions by displaying your products for sale at Corporate events, pop-up stores, fairs and exhibitions at local places, at different government funded souvenir shops and so on. Besides this, all success stories of our registered women entrepreneurs will be published on various online sites and circulated among huge network of women which can help you build your network.

Pop-up store or a pop-up retail is the temporary use of a physical space to create a lasting impression with potential customers.

We help our women entrepreneurs set up a pop-up shop in offices, in Corporates, in local fairs and exhibitions, and help them to sell their products. We help them to market their products through the use of a unique and engaging physical environment while producing an immersive shopping experience.

Women from any nook and corner of the world who has the skill of producing handmade goods or wanting to promote and sell her services and who has the passion of doing something on their own can join the platform. Women in Business has attracted the attention of women who have entrepreneurial talent and looking to scale their business. We also encourage women to join as resellers to sell the products listed on the site and get a commission in return
Handmade or Handicraft is a traditional craft work and applies to a large range of creative and design activities that are related to making things with one's hands and skill. Handmade products are anything that are designed and/or developed or made by your own hands or by a hand process. We give importance to handmade products as these products display the creative side of our moms and housewives, which otherwise remain hidden within the four walls of their house. These handmade products are uniquely produced by our aspiring women entrepreneurs using their own hands.
Handmade jewellery, handmade toys, handmade clothing, hand-knitted sweaters, scarves and hats, handmade soaps, and other bath and body products, hand-crafted home decor products like as handmade pillows, cushion covers, torans, festival decorations, outdoor decor, paintings, candles and diyas, pottery and other types of art and crafts.
Women independently working and servicing on intangible products such as Content Writing,Accounting,Training,Mehndi Artist, Beauty, Make up, Tutoring etc.
At present, Indian women constitute around only 14% of the total entrepreneurship, i.e., 8.05 million out of the total 58.5 million entrepreneurs. It’s time for our young girls, housewives and moms to be empowered and self-financed. If you are not working and if you feel that you have skills in you, if you have artistic talent in you in producing handmade or handcrafted goods, you should not let it go waste. We help women artisans and entrepreneurs showcase and sale their uniquely handcrafted goods.

The biggest hurdle in starting a venture is proper knowledge and guidance and finances. Women in Business is not just a women entrepreneurship platform. It is much more than that.

We deliver what we promise: A complete support to women to start their home-based business, right from initiation to development to sale, marketing and promotion, and pave the path towards making them successful women entrepreneurs, mompreneurs all across the globe.
There are many of you who have dreams of starting something of your own or be an entrepreneur but you do not know have any product with you. Don’t worry. Women in Business is here to help you. You can be a reseller of Women Entrepreneur, sell her products and get commission in return.
We offer this unique opportunity for woman to be a reseller. You can join Women in Business as a reseller and sell the products of our registered women entrepreneurs. You proactively sell a product or service owned or provided by our women entrepreneurs for a profit or commission.
Women in Business is proud to support women entrepreneurship at every stage of their business to help achieve the vision to be more forward thinking and grow their home business. Women's empowerment has a multiplier effect not only on your own lives but also on the family and the society. We are a women oriented platform solely designed to bring forth the hidden artistic and creative talent of our women artisans and craftswomen to a larger audience and help them to be financially independent. We strongly support “Make in India” campaign and encourage all our local artisans and women entrepreneurs to benefit from our platform.

Women In Business is working towards Sustainable Development Goals for the society as per global goals set by United Nations

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