What is GharSeNaukri?

There is this new conscious home maker emerging; Mindful, Hardworking, Busy and Responsible; absolutely ready to conquer the corporate world and be a contributor by still being at home. They are waiting for an opportunity to utilize their skills without compromising on their other responsibilities.

GharSeNaukri is an effort to provide a unique platform to connect "Talented, Skilled & Competent Women Workforce" and "Eminent Employers" who are looking to outsource their assignments.

Inspite of the growth of women professionals in the country and increase in the proportion of women in the workforce, it has also been seen that most women leave their jobs in their mid-career. According to National Sample Survey, in 1999-2000, more than 25% women worked in India. However, by 2011-12 this percentage had dropped to 21.9%. What are the main causes for women leaving their jobs they love? While, the most popular causes remain motherhood, maternal instinct, and family obligations, there are other hidden causes as well like as toxic work environments and gender inequality in terms of income and growth prospects, as a result of which many professional women end up being dissatisfied with their jobs or leaving the job altogether.

Considering these aspects that most professional women face in their lives, was exclusively created in 2014 to help women built/rebuilt their career taking up jobs of their choice by working part-time, from home or in a flexible manner. The portal aims to help women, by allowing them to work from home in the job that matches their qualification/skill/vocation, thus helping them regain pride in society.

The best part of this online platform is that it focuses on providing work-from-home opportunities for not only the urban educated women but also women of the rural parts of the country who by their skill, talent and little education can look for jobs here. Right from a beautician job to a job of a tutor to jobs of the corporate organisations, you will find here a wide range of flexible, part-time, work-from-home job options here.

"GharSeNaukri is an endeavour to create an eco-system that connects talented and skilled women work-force with eminent employers, thereby providing opportunities for these women to work from home."

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