Nupur Bhargava: Dessert Spoon, Exotic Homemade Bakery Items

Nupur Bhargava’s bakery items are surely the exotic range of sweet food items that are just perfect as the extra special dessert that you serve in any special occasions. All her items are homemade, purely made using the right mix of home ingredients. Be it the cakes, muffins, pastries, cup cakes, chocolates, the healthy items for kids to savor, or the sugar free, gluten free rusk biscuits for the health conscious people or just a special after party dessert, each of her items are purely handmade and baked at her home, with lots of love and dedication. She makes sure that her items are safe and nutritious for all and for any occasions. Dessert Spoon, the bakery is right at Nupur Bhargava’s home in Indrapuram, Delhi NCR. To get in touch with her for her excellent bakery items, kindly fill in the form below:

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