Nidhi and Tanushi's Tanudhi : Unique Handcrafted Wooden Items

Tanudhi is a tale of two sisters: Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi gupta. At Tanudhi , we believe in the joy of gifting. We handcraft gifting options and solutions using hand painting and decoupage techniques inspired by European and Indian color palettes. Here we present an attractive range of handmade artistic products for home decoration and gifting purpose. Tanudhi products have their unique charm. Modern with a traditional ethnic touch is the highlight of these products. Explore a wide range of products at Tanudhi. The handmade product range includes wall painting, flower vase, trays, coasters, planters, cushion covers, table, door plates and many more such beautifully designed handicrafts and hand-painted items. Unique handcrafted gift products to match up the festive sparkles and glamouring occasions. To place orders or to get in touch with Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta, fill the enquiry form below:

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