Sumrfette By Amita Kiran Kujur

Check Out for Crochet Park, Home Based Enterprenuer from New Delhi.

A 40 cm Sumrfette is good toy for your kid. Handmade. washable.

A 40 cm Sumrfette is good toy for your kid. Handmade. washable.


I started my crocheting business in the year 2015. An IT professional, married and mother of a cute little girl, I learned to do crocheting from my grandma and mom at a very young age and this became my favorite past time during my childhood. With marriage and family obligations, I got busy with regular household chores and my career. But in between, whenever I got time, I continued my childhood hobby of crocheting.

Took break from my IT career to take care of my daughter. It was during this time, the idea of starting something on my own came to my mind. The crochet items that I used to make for my home have always been appreciated by my friends and relatives. Very soon, I realised that I can turn her childhood hobby into a full-time business. Thus, came into inception my first entrepreneurial venture by the name of Crochet Park in 2015. 

Crocheting is my hobby, I started making toys for my little princess then thought of providing these dolls, toys, jewellery, shrugs, jackets, caps, shawls and many more things to others who want to enjoy my craft.

Today, I am known for my crocheting items in my nearby locality. All my handmade crochet items are beautifully designed and have an attractive appeal. I make number of crochet items like as crochet bags, socks, caps, coasters, baby dresses, and many more. Also take customized orders.