Candle Platter By Megha Agarwal

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mdf base,comes with quilling work & candle in metal katori .

mdf base,comes with quilling work & candle in metal katori .

Brand name: House of Craft

Place of location: Gurgaon

Year of establishment: 2012

Your main products: Trousseau packing, floral jewelry, toran, handmade personalized rakhis& wedding related stuff.

Let’s know more about Ms.Meghal, Founder of House of Craft 

How the idea of starting a business came to your mind? 

It came from my mom. My mom always had a knack towards knitting, painting, beading and other craft forms. She would always gift handmade stuff to all our family and friends and was appreciated a lot about it. When I started growing up, I also took a liking for it and would help her. Gradually, I observed that there is a huge gap and market potential for handmade craft and that is when the idea of starting HouseofCraft was born. 

How did you start initially? 

I took a few professional classes in the beginning. To name a few, I learned quilling, sospeso, packaging and Japanese gift wrapping. I experimented with my learnings and practiced a lot. I started doing it for my friends and family, and slowly my business expanded through word of mouth. During this period, I was also working at a Graphics company.

However, in 2014, due to my growing business, I left my job and just concentrated on my business. My motto always has been to offer something unique to my customers and never compromise on quality. So, I was confident about what I was doing. I made my social media profile on Facebook and Instagram, and that is where I get my maximum clients from. I can proudly say that 90% of my clients are recurring. They keep coming back. Along with having a direct clientele, I also do reselling and display my products in exhibitions around the country. 

Are the products handmade or sourced products?

 All my products are Handmade

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