Light In The Dark By Poonam Bachiyani

Check Out for Hands on Craft, Home Based Enterprenuer from DELHI.


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Light in the Dark- Shine on

Light in the Dark- Shine on

I am basically from Bhopal, MP. Have done my post graduation in Advertising. I like to travel, exploring different cultures, visiting adventurous places. I like bike trips to almost everywhere. I like meeting new friends and spreading smiles. My hobbies are creating beautiful decoratives and decorating my place.

What made you start this venture?

I am a big time hoarder of stuff. I just cant let things go. Eventually I tend to create something and use it for decorating my place. It helps in gifting beautiful things to your friends as well. Since then I have never looked back. Hope you guys will like them too.

Message to Women Entrepreneurs

If you want to do something, just go for it. No matter what people think of that idea. You don’t have to wait for others’ help. Just get up, and trust me things will move if you will try them to move. Keep your spirits high and do whatever you want to. All the best.