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  • How the idea of starting a business came to your mind?

    I always had an inclination for using different kind of soaps usually for personal usages. I love to explore different varieties and brands. One fine day, I randomly came across a workshop on soap making. I don’t know why, but at that very moment, I thought of attending the workshop. And that changed my entire perception, and boom, here I am what I am today.

    How did you start initially?

    After finishing the workshop in September 2016, I started practicing what I have learnt. I started making soaps at home. Initially, I used to give these handmade soaps to my family and friends as gifts. And, by God’s grace, my products were appreciated. And since, they were all my close friends and family members, I knew that they won’t give any false reviews. This gave me confidence and I started displaying my products at exhibitions and fairs in my locality during festivals. When good reviews started pouring, I launched my brand Calli. It was just 2 years back my brand was built, but it feels good when your home-based business does well. Today I sell almost 20-30 varieties of products for personal hygiene.

    What are your main products?

    I have produced different varieties of Handmade soaps, Handwash, Bodywash, Moisturizers, just perfect to soothe, clean and moisturize your skin. My best selling products are Activated Charcoal Soap, Aloevera Soap for all skin types. All my products are natural and organic. I also conduct workshops for soap making.

    What is the USP of your products?

    The best part is that all these handmade soaps and other skin care products are made of organic oils, pure essential oils, organic herbs, and spices. All my products are handmade, natural and organic and devoid of any chemical substances. They perfectly make your skin clean, soft and healthy, with a fragrance that is long lasting.

    For any queries of my products and services, contact me at 9319615050.