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    Born & brought up in Chandigarh, I went to IIT Roorkee to do my engineering. After graduation, I spent a couple of years working with startups and in the financial domain. I moved to INSEAD, one of the top Business Schools in the world to do my MBA. Apart from being a Maths Lover, I am a dancer, have learnt dance professionally and have given a couple of stage performances in India.
    Both my parents have been into services all their life. My mother works in the healthcare department and my dad used to work in the telecom department. Entrepreneurship as a way of life had never occured to me till the time I joined IIT Roorkee.
    Roorkee is the place where my perspective towards life changed completely. My closest set of friends in college were coming from business backgrounds. 

    We always used to discuss business ideas, the desire to build something valuable started in the college days. But I was never able to start something for the next four years, till the time I went to France to do my masters.

    I believe there is a huge opportunity that exists in the preventive healthcare industry across the globe. The Global Healthcare cost is rising and we see great potential in bringing it down and making people live a healthy life.

    My advice to all women who wish to be independent and make something great happen for themselves - Dream Big and Persevere!

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