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Huda Shaikh

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  • I am a clinical nutritionist and dietitian by profession and currently the Founder and Director  at NutriBond.I am really passionate about my profession and love to read and cook healthy recipes in my free time.

  • I always wanted to be independent and wanted to become a doctor.But somehow I could not become one and hence I decided to go ahead and become a Clinical Nutritionist and Dietitian.Once my course was over I decided to go ahead and start up my new venture because I saw that there is very less awareness regarding nutrition and people are being mislead in the name of nutrition.Hence I decided to come up with my own nutrition online model to create more awareness.I have been very active on nutrition websites and have written articles for various leading nutrition websites like Ndtv,curejoy and so on.

  • Never give up no matter how hard you have to work!Live your dream and bring it into reality.