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  • I am Jacqueline Andrews from Chennai. A home baker and a mother of two kids, 12 and 5 years of age. I am a BA and Bed. Graduate. I worked as an editor before my marriage. After marriage, I took up a job as a medical transcriptionist. But after my first child was born, I stopped working. I became a stay at home mom, giving my full time and attention to take care of my little baby. But since I was a full-time working woman earlier, the idea of staying at home and just taking care of the baby was not something which I really wanted to. I realized that if I am staying at home 24- hours, why not use it in a constructive way by doing something at home during free time and earn something for myself? But before I could do anything, I conceived my second child. So, I waited for few more years before I could start something.

    How did it start?

    I am very fond of cooking and baking. My 2 kids also forced me to try out making different dishes at home. I started exploring new delicacies for them, leaving aside the south Indian food. I started making pizza, pastas for them which they enjoyed eating. Gradually, I started to learn about Chocolate making and cake baking. My initial customers were my kids first. Whatever I prepared, they were the first ones to eat and I must say, they loved eating my cakes and chocolates. This gave me the idea of doing something from home in a professional manner

    Jack's homemade Chocolates was launched

    In 2015, I started my own chocolate-making business from home, which I named it as Jack's homemade Chocolates. The first item was the birthday cake prepared for my kid. Ever since then, there is no looking back. I make chocolates of different varieties, including birthday cakes and brownies. Please explore my shop to find out the varieties that I can present in my chocolates and cakes.