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  • Name: Kamini Ittan
    Age: 38 yrs.
    Profile: Educationist.

    I am a teacher and you can say , I am also a home-based entrepreneur. Teaching is a passion and a profession for me.  But, at the same time, I always had this desire in me to do or produce something on my own with my innovative bent of mind. I prefer to learn, research and study as learning is something that should never stop in anyone's life. Learning should always accompany your path. This led me to do constant research on alternative remedies for various diseases and health issues.

    With diseases like dengue and malaria rampant on account of mosquito bites, I was always wondering to find a solution to prevent this. How to fight with the diseases occurring from mosquito and other life-threatening insects is a big question mark even today. I know there are a lot of solutions available in the market to act as mosquito repellents. But, still, the problem continues. Every year, we get to read the news of dengue, malaria and other diseases affecting the lives of many. Thus, innovation arises in my mind. "Let's modify" the present-day mosquito repellent. 

    Launch of RedMos with the Product ULTRON HERBAL

    So, I just focused on and researched the natural content of a repellent, which should not harm our body when inhaled. Thus, my company RedMos was launched and my product "ULTRON HERBAL" took birth. This is a completely natural insect repellent to keep pesky insects and bugs away from your home and that keeps your room fresh, emitting a beautiful fragrance.