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  • I was associated with diverse roles in diverse industry domains till 2014. But, I was more keen to start something on my own, rather than being involved in a 9-to-6 Corporate job. In spite of being in a top-level position as a Business Head with a Lifestyle company, I didn't think twice before leaving my job to follow my passion. Thankfully, my daughter was there to support me, and she is still a constant support.

    Launch of “Aaranyam - The Natural Cosmetic Company”

    In 2017, I launched my brand, Aaranyam- The Natural Cosmetic Company, in my home kitchen, with my daughter as my co-partner. My daughter Laavani Sharma, who is pursuing a career in Corporate Law, is now the creative head at Aaranyam. We create skin-care products which are completely natural, devoid of any chemicals, artificial preservatives or fragrances. We have products right from Natural Soaps, Anti Ageing Cream, Body Cream, Lip Balm to Moisture Lotion, Shampoos, Soap Bars etc. All our products are safe to use, without any side effects on the skin and body, tried and tested before being made available to the public. Our brand has also ventured into the food market by producing natural and organic foodstuffs like Honey, Turmeric etc.

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    Meet Madhu and Laavani Sharma, the co – founders of  “Aaranyam- The Natural Cosmetic Company”