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  • Hi, I am Palak Shukla, 27-year-old, a young deaf and mute, differently-abled, young free-spirited girl with high dreams. I am from Bhopal. Since childhood due to my interest in creating innovative things and painting beautiful pictures, I started pursuing my dreams and graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts where I learned painting, pottery making, clay work etc. And simultaneously I used to make neckpieces and earrings for my mother and sister which were loved by everyone. Then, I started to make the neckpieces for others too. I started making customized designs too. Though initially, what I started was purely a hobby for me, I slowly realized that I have the capability to start something of my own. Thus, I started converting my hobby into a small business. 

    I started making and selling various types of products including neckpieces, earrings, other handmade jewellery, paintings, decorated pots, customized jewellery, decorative pieces, painted coconut shells as flower pots etc. You can explore my products here. Let us join hands together in this journey, empower each other and grow together.

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