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  • I am Priyanka Sabharwal, a single parent and a mother of a 5-year-old son. I am into making chocolates at home, along with exotic baking items. I was into teaching profession earlier and I had teaching experience with some of the best-known schools in India. But, in 2017, I decided to start something of my own. I always had this inclination towards making chocolates at home. It was my favorite past time. My friends and family members used to love the taste and flavors of my chocolates. I started giving more interest towards this passion of mine, and slowly I realized that I am not cut-out to be in a 9-to-5 job. Thus, I started making lots of chocolates at home and distributed these to my known circles. And, of course, I used to feel good when they praised me for my chocolates. This boosted my confidence.

    Launch of Chocoholic Made with Love

    In 2017, I launched my chocolate brand, Chocoholic Made with Love. Needless to say, I feel a sense of pride and immense satisfaction in starting something that I love doing and passionate about. I make chocolates at home with lots of love and dedication, ensuring that I do not dishearten my clients. I have a closed network of friends and my followers in social media platforms like FaceBook and Instagram who are my precious clients. I offer chocolates in different flavors, shapes, sizes, including chocolate gift hampers for any special occasions. I also take bulk orders for weddings and birthdays, as well as customized orders.

    My Motto

    Don's resist the challenges that life brings to you. Embrace them and move forward. And when you have a will and a passion, you can overcome all challenges.

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