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  • I am a housewife, a mother, and a home-based businesswoman, having a great passion for cooking since a very young age. Got married at an early age and could not opt for any professional career, and like every woman of our country, I too got busy with my household chores and family duties. I enjoy making delicious food items, especially for my 2 grown-up boys and my family members. Being a great fan of Sanjeev Kapoor, I used to write the recipes that he used to show on the popular cooking show "Khana Khajana" way back in the 1990s, and religiously I used to prepare those recipes at home. Everyone used to enjoy my cooking. After marriage, my cooking skills were all the more appreciated by my in-laws and husband, and appreciations still continue...

    How did the idea of a home business start? 

    I never ever thought of becoming a businesswoman. I enjoyed what I was doing. In 2007, I won a cooking competition and to my great surprise, I was awarded by none other than Sanjeev Kapoor. This boosted my confidence and I kept on participating in many such cooking competitions, and by God's will, I always won these competitions. Today, I feel proud to say that I have been awarded by some of the best-known chefs of our country, like as Late Mrs. Tarla Dalal, Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar. Even then, the idea of doing something on my own didn't come up.

    Once, on the terrace, my husband saw me cutting lots of vegetables and asked what I was doing? I said, "I am cutting vegetables to make pickles and will distribute them to all our family members". Hearing this, my husband all of a sudden asked, “why not start selling pickles in the local markets?” This all of a sudden made me realize, "Yes, why not?" Thus, it was my husband who ignited this idea of starting something on my own

    Rohini's Fantasy Flavours was launched

    I started my catering business, catering to birthday parties and kitty parties. I started making cakes and pickles and sold them to all my known circles, friends and relatives. Slowly, the idea of taking cooking classes came to my mind. I started giving cooking classes. My cooking classes to young girls who are about to great married or new brides is a great success. I make them learn the basics of cooking in just about 3 months to prepare themselves well after their marriage at their in-laws place.

    If you are interested to explore my products and services, please get in touch with me here.

    Any words of advice

    In her own words, "You should enjoy what you do...don't think of the outcome. If you have a passion, just follow it"

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