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  • About My Self

    I always love to live according to my name SANJEEVANI. SANJEEVANI means a new lease of life, giving new life& love, immortality etc. I am self-motivating with positive attitude. I always try to find out solutions of my problem as well as other’s problem in simple way. I love to help people in all kind of ways.

    Journey So Far...

    While doing a job as event manager & counselor one day one idea stroked in my mind related to business & I started it. My inspiration is Swami Vivekananda &my family. They are motivation for me. I believe in Karma (hard work). If we do our job in good & proper manner, success is ours.

    Message to Women Entrepreneurs.

    Always try to learn something which will help you for your career & which will give you happiness. Try to become self -employed. Try to be a role mode. Believe in yourself.