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Madhubani Paintings and Art Work by Seema Kashyap

Seema Kashyap

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  • Seema Kashyap’ s journey in Art is a journey of perseverance, struggle , constant learning and arriving at a signature style unique of her own - that of lines and more lines - each one following its own trajectory. But that took some time to unravel. 

    Her expertise on lines

    The drawing on Paper, Canvas, and Collages in different mediums brings forth the exploration of lines which is the central theme of her artistic journey. The fascination for lines finds representation in many forms as she works with limitlessness quite unique. Her works show continuity of using lines in a traditional and contemporary style with the same aroma of lines. The line in its varied application - Vertical lines, Horizontal lines, Diagonal lines, Zigzag lines, Curved lines all find representation in works within geometrical forms existing independently as well as coexisting within composition. There are forms which take their own identity,non-identifiable in a physical realm but at complete ease in the work. The texture undergoes constant treatment to arrive at points of the contemporary look. 

    Use of varied colour tones
    There is both strong and soft colour coding to define her work. The large canvases and collages giveher freedom to work in many dimensions at the same time. Also what is remarkable in these works is of constant experimentation of newer techniques including modern technology to further diversify her understanding of the subject and in her case lines specially. 

    Mythological paintings
    She touches mythological themes as well as todays raising topics of the society. Feelings and strong relationships are showcased in highly decorative way in her paintings. She says, her paintings are her unwritten, unspoken expressions of herself.


    • Centenary celebration of NDMC –April, 2014 
    • All India Art Exhibition by NDMC –April,2014 
    • 100 artists show by Hammer Art Gallery –April,2014 
    • 13th All India Traditional Art Exhibition by AIFACS – January, 2015

    • Silver award in traditional category by Agnipath – February, 2015___________________
    • Bhikhu Ram Jain art and awards –February, 2014
    • All India Art Exhibition by Niv Art Gallery – November, 2014
    • 3rd Delhi International Film Festival – December, 2014
    • Show for flood victims in Gallery of Defense – December, 2014
    • Show for earthquake victims by Lalit Kala Academy – December, 2014
    • 4th Delhi International Film Festival – December, 2015
    • All India Women Art Exhibition by Artscapes in Punjab University , Chandigarh , Punjab March 2015
    • Satyam SanskarSamman by Sanskar Bharti , Palwal in Nov 2016
    • Kala SHIKSHAK award by Camlin and Kala Aakar
    Award for the contribution in Madhubani painting by MithilaSangh on 3rd January 2018
    • Women Excellence Award by Lions club ,Delhi
    • Longest painting by number in Meerut on 14th Nov 2016

    • February, 2013 - Arpanakaur Art Gallery, Delhi.
    • October, 2013- AIFACS , Delhi
    • October, 2013- Hungarian Information And Culture Centre, Delhi
    • December, 2013 - Greenwood Art Gallery, Delhi.
    • February, 2014- Art Mally Gallery , Delhi
    • February, 2014- Arthalo Art Gallery , Ahmadabad
    • April, 2014 - Hungarian Information and Culture Centre
    • April, 2014 -AIFACS , Delhi.
    • July, 2014- Visual Art Gallery.
    • July, 2014- Hudco Art Gallery to save Tigers
    • October, 2014- Hungarian Information and Culture Centre
    • October, 2014 - AIFACS , Delhi
    • January, 2015 - Chhaurgarh Art Festival, Chhitaurgarh , Rajasthan.
    • January, 2015 - GalleryArtmosphere, Ludhiana, Punjab.
    • February,2015- Surya Art Gallery , Dang, Gujrat
    • February, 2015- Kala Sangam , Delhi.
    • April, 2015- Sanskar Bharti All India Art Exhibition Chhitaurgarh, Rajasthan.
    • April, 2015- Impart Art Gallery , Delhi.
    • October, 2015 - Modern Art Plus Gallery, Vasundhara , U.P.
    • December, 2015- Artizen Art Gallery, Delhi.
    • 4th Delhi International Film Festival2015
    • Sep 2016 all India fine arts and crafts society.(2-8)
    • Oct 2016 Cameo Art gallery by Cameo Art gallery
    • Feb 2017 in Baghpath , national level artist exhibition by university
    • Feb 2017 by paridhi art gallery
    • Group show in Gandhi art gallery in April 2017
    • Group show organized by Delhi Diary Longue in April 2017Exhibition in Talkatora stadium on 24 th Dec 2017by AkhilBhartiyaMithilaSangh

    Solo Exhibition
    Solo Exhibition in Dec 2016 in CameoArt gallery
    • Hindu Spiritual and service fair, Gurugram in Feb 2017.
    • Gurugram Kala Utsav in Gurugram , Feb 2017 by Ministry of Culture , CCRT, Aashray and Nrityadhara
    • ART EXPO in greater noida in October 2017
    • Diwali Mela in MotiBaghorganized by ladies and child welfare association.

    • One day camp by Face India in December, 2013 in Delhi
    • Three days camp organized by Achleshwarmahadevmandir foundation in February, 2014 in U. P.
    • Five days’ workshop by Lalitkala and RashtriyaMahilaSansthan in December, 2014 in Delhi
    • Five days’ workshop in Dang , Gujrat by Surya Art Gallery in February, 2015
    • One day camp in Vietnam embassy ,Delhi in January 2017
    • One day camp in Gurugram organized by Hindu Spiritual &Service Fair
    • One day camp for all age groups organized by Nav Bharat Times in July 2016
    • 2 days’ workshop for kids in BalBhawan , Daman organized by Ministry of culture where more than 130 children were being trained.
    • Registered as an expert in Cultural center for training and research and have attended for than 15 workshops in in government schools of Delhi.
    • Local private school workshops on regular basis.
    • Camlinworkshop attended in Dec 2018
    • One day workshop by MINISTRY OF AAYUSH at Pragatimaidan on the occasion of INTERNAIONAL YOGA DAY, 2016.
    • One day competition at MARWAH STUDIO ,film city Noida, on the occasion of Betimahotsav.on 14th August 2016.
    • Live painting in Gurugranhindu spiritual service fair in February 2017.
        AS A JUDGE
    • Interschool traditional painting competition at DLF public school , Sahibabad.inJan 2016.
    • Judgment of Betimahotsav [by sukhisansar] in 12 schools of Aug 2016.
    • Judging of Rajasthani Academy school painting competition
    • In October 2017 organized by All India Institute of Medical Association at Talkatora stadium.
    • In Nov on children’s day at PHD CHAMBERS organized by phd family welfare association
    • BY NAV BHARAT TIMES in Himanshu art institute in the month of July 2016.
    • Regular workshops done in local schools.
    • BAL BHAWAN, DAMAN, on 24-25th Oct 2016

    • Banners paint for No Tobacco Day Celebration in April 2014, at JantarMantar, Delhi.
    • Banner pain on Mothers’ day in May 2014.

    • In December, 2013 -
    Seema Kashyap is highly decorative in showing the emotions and relations.

    • In April 2014-
    Seema Kashyap paints from the life of lord Krishna in a traditional style, she paints minute details of the object for the perfection.

    • Several other newspapers, magazines, DD BHARTI and other media coverage.
    Birla science museum; wall paintings ,domes and canvases of Pilani gallery in Bits Pilani, Ministry of Aayush,,Vietnam embassy, and some personal collections in India and abroad