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  • I am Sumitra Dutta from Kolkata, West Bengal. A working mom with a 10-year-old son, I am also a home-based businesswoman. I am a BCom graduate and I have done my Masters in Social Work. And presently, I am doing a small job. As a young girl before my marriage, I had done some Art & Craft course just as a hobby. With marriage and kid, this interest took a back seat.

    I started my business very recently with the intention of earning some more money for my family as my present job does not pay me much to meet the family expenses. Plus, I wanted to utilize my skill in an effective manner not only to earn but also to keep myself engaged after coming back from office or during off days. There are certain circumstances in life when you realize that life is not always a bed of roses. There were certain instances in life (which I don’t want to disclose here) which made me stronger and which made me realize that I have the potential to do much more than what I am doing at present.

    So, along with my job, I am also handling my home business. I make all my products on my own. My products include candles, perfumes, glass paintings, ribbon flowers etc. I am happy that I am being able to slowly transform my hobby into a home business.