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  • Sushila Verma started her business of making handmade soaps. Her venture is known by the name Mizar India. Sushila, married and mother of 2grown-up kids, learnt the trade of making soaps from XXX, just as a hobby. Soon after her training on soap making, she tried to make soaps at home in various shapes and sizes, using natural products. Soap making became her passion and when she had nothing to do, she used to make soaps at home.

    When she became an expert in the art, she decided to start her own soap making business. The best part is that her soaps are all made of natural ingredients. She does not use any chemicals and artificial colours in her soaps. She uses natural herbs, essential oils and natural colours in her soaps which are not harsh to the skin. Her handmade soaps and scrubs are tried and tested on various skin types before being made available to the consumers.

    Her natural handmade soaps are available online on If you are looking for some good quality, handmade, natural soaps and scrubs of various scented flavors, contact home-based entrepreneur from Noida, Mrs. Sushila Verma here.