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Sweety Verma

About Me
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  • I am a mommy of my 2 beautiful, wonderful and cooperative children of age 14 & 9 years...initially I was in a teaching profession. But I always had a great passion for arts n crafts and I am still passionate about it. My teaching job was a kind of full-time job for me, which I enjoyed but in the heart of hearts, I really wanted to do something that fulfills my inner passion and gives me satisfaction. So I thought, why not put my efforts into my own work?

    Launch of Feets and Inches

    It was just in 2018 I left my job and in that year itself, I launched my baby venture “Feets and Inches”. The idea clicked one day while scrolling down Google for a class activity. My passion towards art and craft, exploring new things took my here, to set up my own home business.

    My Products

    I basically create memories for a lifetime. I create 3D impressions of hands and feet of babies, children and adults – basically for all age groups. Impressions can be created for a new-born baby, just a few hours old to anyone of our grandparents’age. My youngest work was for an 11-hours-old baby's impression.

    Each and every step in the process of creating an impression is handmade. I create exact replica of hands and feet with all fine details and creases in 3-dimensions.

    Recently, I have started making beautiful heena candles for decoration and gifting purpose for festivals and special occasions.

    Words of advice

     “Follow your passion which gives you immense satisfaction n pleasure, which u really want to do. Listen to your inner heart and go for it... Don't follow others bcos everyone has their distinct capabilities. All women have potential to achieve anything in their life as they are already doing great work in their homes as a multitasker. Aim to catch your dream.”