Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta


Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta

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  • This is a tale of two sisters, Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta, who started their own handicraft business by the brand name Tanudhi.  Both the sisters from a very young age were involved in making arts and crafts at home but never ever thought that this interest of theirs will be converted into a full-time business later on. With marriage, motherhood and household responsibilities, they got busy with their own lives but their passion never died down. Both the sisters enjoyed creating new objects for home decoration purpose which were appreciated by one and all. With their children now able to manage on their own, they realized that they can devote time to start something of their own.  

    Launch of Tanudhi 

    In 2016, Tanudhi was launched, a joint venture started by Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta. Ever since then, there is no looking back. The brand has gathered lots of appreciation for their wonderful handmade handcrafted products. The sister duo has some wonderful clients who are their repeat customers and who really appreciate their hard work and their products. They also adapt to individual needs. All their handmade wooden items can be used for home decoration and gifting purpose. Very modern in appearance but with an Indian touch, that's how they make their products. 

    Their words of advice to other women, "Follow your dreams with utmost passion."

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    Meet our Women in Business, Sisters-duo Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta of the Brand “Tanudhi”