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  • I am originally from Goa but presently based in Kumta, Karnataka with my family comprising my husband and my 2 daughters. A graduate with a certified degree in computers, I was working as a lecturer at NIIT institute in Goa prior to my marriage. After marriage, we settled down in Kumta and I started managing my husband’s business.

    It’s almost 14 years of marriage now. Along with managing my husband’s business and playing my role as a mother and wife dutifully, I really wanted to do something for the society too.

    Launch of Veena’s Creation and my NGO

    I launched my home business Veena’s Creation in 2011 with a vision to provide employment opportunities to rural ladies. My product line includes handmade terracotta jewellery, handpainted wooden jewellery and painting on Fabric. I have recently received an award as the best contemporary jewellery designer in North Karnataka. 

    I also run my own NGO for rural women empowerment. My NGO ladies make bags for daily use. I am currently a Zilla Panchayat member (2nd term) for my locality Kumta. Working as a Panchayat member for which I have to travel to remote areas, I realized that we have many rural ladies who are talented and skilful but they don't have any support and guidance. This is also one of the reasons for starting the NGO.  I am a self-learned person and whatever I know, I impart the same to my NGO ladies.

    A brief intro of my NGO Namaskara samaj Seva

    Namaskara Samaj seva is a registered NGO in Kumta and has been into service since past 7-8 yrs. We have provided training to women in different skills like as tailoring and stitching, making terracotta jewellery, making different decorative stuffs with paddy, making dolls, including making of different spices for daily uses, papad etc. Many of these ladies are earning from the comforts of their house by running some business. When Veena’s Creation receives a bulk order, it gets forwarded to the NGO ladies so that they make and earn from the sales. All bag orders are being managed by the NGO team.

    Advice to other women

    “Believe in yourself. You can do wonders in life”